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You Will Learn The Fastest, Easiest, Most Powerful “Conversational” Hypnosis Skills Anywhere On The Planet So You Can Help Change Other People's Lives...Guaranteed!

Attention: Potential Life-Changer

Have you always wanted to help people change their lives and do it in a way that seems effortless while building a freedom-based business?
From: The Desk of Steve Roehm 
Nashville, TN

Dear Hypnotically Inclined Friend,

My Name is Steve Roehm and what you're about to learn will change your life forever. You see, I have discovered a method for showing complete beginners how to develop elite level hypnosis skills in the comfort of your own home. These powerful techniques allow even an amateur to hypnotize anyone in a split second. (No looking at a swinging watch and saying "you're getting sleepy" or any of that nonsense.)

If I hadn't experienced it for myself, I wouldn't have believed it. You see, for the longest time I was fascinated with Dr. Milton Erickson, the Grandfather of modern hypnosis, and I wanted so badly to...
Acquire that level of skill, grace, and power in hypnosis,
so that I could help other people get more out of life.
I attended training after training, seminar after seminar and I always left disappointed. Most of these trainers did nothing more than give me scripts to memorize and regurgitate. It was like they were hiding the real hypnosis in the back and showing me the expired crap they needed to throw out.

Then, a chance encounter online led me to discover a little-known system of covert Conversational Hypnosis being taught to a select number of students by an incredible Hypnotist in Europe. I tracked him down, and I was lucky enough to get invited to an upcoming training. After 2 days of training with this Hypno-genius, I was amazed...
Not only could I hypnotize anyone, anywhere... 
but I could do so covertly, without them even knowing. 
At the time, I was waiting tables in Nashville to make ends meet, and I decided it was the perfect time to test my newly acquired skills. So I started using these secret techniques when speaking to my customers. My plan was simple; I would use Conversational Hypnosis to suggest that they "let go of their worries and enjoy the evening to the fullest". The result?
Using that one simple technique, my tips more than
doubled... including one tip for $836.00! 
And that's not all; a strange phenomenon started to occur around the restaurant where I worked, one-by-one my co-workers began to quit smoking. Everyone was talking about it. Of course, if you asked them why they quit, they would tell you that they "Just decided it was time", but that is because they had no idea I was secretly...
Using Covert Hypnosis To Help Them Stop Smoking ​
From that day forward, I began using these techniques on a daily basis. I was able to help people quit smoking with these techniques. I was able to help people lose weight with these techniques. I was able to help people release anxiety and stress with these techniques, and I could do it all without them knowing if I wanted to.
Every little thing I learned from my new mentor, I put into practice. I traveled all around the world so I could get more training and increase my skills... I spent every dollar I had to learn this man's techniques and put them into practice.

As my skills grew, so did my reputation and the next thing I knew, I was in full-time practice as a Hypnotherapist.
I went from waiting tables to making a consistent 
six-figure income as a professional Hypnotherapist!

This man's secret techniques changed my life. I am so grateful to have met someone with the ability to take something so complex and turn it into something so simple and easy to understand that I get a bit emotional. As I attended his Conversational Hypnotherapy training, I realized his secret for turning complete "newbies" into advanced masters in less than a week was...
Using Conversational Hypnosis - 
​To Teach Conversational Hypnosis
It was unbelievable. Why had no one thought of this before? Use the stuff you're teaching to teach. I had attended dozens of hypnosis trainings, but it was always more just intellectual knowledge. This training was something different. At these events, I learned both consciously and unconsciously, and as a result, I emerged from this training a different person. My entire life changed and continued to change as a result of attending this one training, and I am not the only person who says that...
You will learn how to help someone release old beliefs
Complete beginners walk away with skills that would 
make most professional Hypnotherapists jealous
That is the truth. A student who completes this mind-expanding training is among the top 10% of Hypnotherapists in the world, by default. Simply because of the experience they go through during this...
8-week, mind-altering training, where you do more than "learn about hypnosis," you "become a Hypnotist."
In the video below, I will introduce you to one of my mentors. Listen as we discuss how this incredible training was created and how it is different from any other training you may have experienced.
Discover Why and How This Training Was Created
Watch the Video, And Discover How Conversational Hypnosis is Different

In the wrong hands these techniques are dynamite, but in the right ones, they are a precision instrument that can create instant and lasting change. In the right hands, these skills become a real force for good in the world.

But the "hypnosis authorities" think that I should restrict who can learn hypnosis down to a small circle of doctors and psychiatrists. I don't think that is right. I believe that these techniques are way too powerful to be hidden away from people like you and me and...
I don't think you should have to go to school for
8 years and become a Doctor before you are qualified
to learn the "real Hypnosis".
Now, the techniques you will be shown in this Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy Boot Camp are so powerful, that I am not going to let just anyone attend. I am not crazy. I would never put a dangerous weapon in the hands of a criminal nor would I allow these powerful techniques to pass to someone who does not understand how to respect them. That is why...
Everyone who attends this Professional Conversational Hypnotherapy training must agree to use these techniques for the good of themselves and others.
In fact, if I discover anyone is abusing these techniques and using these powerful conversational skills inappropriately, I will immediately refund their money and insist they leave the training. I've done it twice in the past.

Trust me, you can do so much good in the world using these techniques that there will never be a need to manipulate people. They will gladly pay you for your help. I have used these processes to earn a consistent 6-figure income year after year, so I can tell you these skills have great value. In fact, a former student of mine said...
"The techniques I learned from Steve were more valuable
than all the techniques in my Doctoral Program!"
Luckily this training isn't going to cost you as much as a Doctorate in Psychology... but it will be just as valuable.
You will Discover How To...
Create Deep Rapport
The key to truly serving your clients and developing deep levels of trust and connection. Rapport is critical to hypnosis and breaking through barriers.
Understand Yourself
Through learning how to help your clients discover more about themselves, you will begin to understand more about yourself and how your mind creates your reality.
Improve Client Outcomes
You will discover the best way to create a well-formed outcome for clients and how to guide them to their best thought processes in an effective way.
Enhance Your Communication
Developing a deep understanding of your clients' way of experiencing the world will yield profound insights into how you can best move them to the outcomes they truly desire.
Grow Your Practice
As you master these new skills, you will begin to set yourself apart from the average Hypnotist and create a practice built on referrals from hundreds of happy clients. 
Expand Your Toolbox
Imagine having just the right tool for each client no matter the problems they present. Conversational Hypnosis will provide you with additional tools to help your clients
Who will benefit from this training?
  • Practicing or Prospective Hypnotherapists
  • ​Healthcare Workers
  • ​Improvement Minded Individuals
  • ​Self-Improvement Minded Individuals
  • ​Mental Health Professionals
  • Life and Business Coaches
  • ​Healing Arts Practitioners
  • Teachers and Professors
  • ​Anyone Interested in Helping Others
About Your Mentor: Steve Roehm
A 22-year Hypnotherapist, Steve has helped thousands of people change their life. With thousands of clinical hours and numerous certifications, Steve teaches from experience and a depth of understanding across many therapeutic approaches. Known for his passion, high energy, and insight, Steve has students (and clients) all over the world mastering new skills and making significant changes.
Watch This Short Video To See How
Conversational Hypnosis Gets Things Done - Fast!
Check out this short video to see how Mind Bending Language can be used to help someone over a fear of flying in a matter of minutes. This isn't your grandpa's hypnosis.

Imagine how quickly you can help someone change with the right tools.
Change Your Understanding Of Hypnosis
Hypnotic Influence Overload
You will internalize this powerful conversational hypnotic approach you can weave them into normal conversations to create incredibly profound moments of trance that can help transform lives.
The Core Therapeutic Process
Master this therapeutic process and gain the confidence to work with clients facing a wide variety of issues. This process gives you a way to think on your feet, so you will always know the right thing to say at the right time.
Mind Bending Language
Having the ability to do work covertly can be very advantageous to us as Hypnotherapists. These protocols allow you to work completely covertly, so your client is already too busy changing to notice anything else is happening.
What can you do with your new skills?
  • Help others overcome limiting beliefs
  • ​Help people release old experiences
  • ​Change the way people see themselves and their world
  • ​Help people manage or overcome PTSD
  • ​Help others manage anxiety
  • ​Use your client's own metaphors to create a deep change
  • ​Help people release stress
  • ​Help people create new healthier habits
  • ​Help people live happier lives
Erickson's Utilization Technique
Enjoy watching Steve work with his friend Karsten on a non-disclosed issue. 

Once you master the Conversational Hypnosis skills, you will have the tools to help people change without even knowing it is happening...and without you knowing what the problem is.
Skip to 2:24
With these "covert hypnosis" skills, you can
  • Perform both overt AND covert change work!
  • ​Create irresistible hypnotic experiences!
  • ​Become a Master no matter your level of hypnotic knowledge now!
  • ​Effortlessly induce trance in your clients!
  • ​Quickly establish unconscious rapport!
  • Secretly Help Others Get What They Want!
  • Help People Escape Phobias and Limiting Beliefs!
  • ​Throw away every script you've ever read!
  • ​Get Paid to Help People!
  • ​Become a "Mind Magician"!
  • ​Deepen your connection with others!
See What Our Students Think!
"....create an amazing business and extraordinary life." Michael Hyatt
Michael Hyatt
Leadership mentor, New York Times bestselling author, and the founder of Michael Hyatt & Co
This workshop is without a doubt the best professional training I have ever attended in all of my years of practice.
Angelia Bryant  
​Licensed Counselor
Lexington, KY
I’ve been practicing medicine for 47 years and this class has been a quantum leap in my communication skills. 
Dr Kenneth Dozier  
Family Medicine
Madison, TN
I can say without reservation that this course has been a game changer for me. Highly recommended.
Ken Watford, DNP, APRN-C​ 
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
(Nashville, TN )
It’s true, Steve Roehm is a certifiable hypno-nerd (except he’s really not much of a nerd at all). The man is saturated with hypnosis, hypnotherapy and related specialties and is so excited about sharing his calling with those who are ready to learn.

His course includes much more than hypnosis certification.

Expect to gain:

Confidence in your own hypnosis skills through practical experience in class
Knowledge of building and marketing your own successful practice
Entry to an international community of very accessible, highly skilled practitioners
A future including outside-of-the-box opportunities for the evolution of your mind and your career.
Sincerely recommended.
Nashville, TN
A sweet friend of mine gifted me a session with Master Hypnotherapist Steve Roehm. I was so impressed with the results of my session, I left his office his office with a new outlook on life and I had an insatiable curiosity for hypnotherapy. To satisfy my curiosity, I recently completed Steve’s two day foundational course Intro to Hypnosis. 
Steve’s laid back approach put everyone at ease – the class walked in as strangers and left as friends, we laughed and we learned – it was a great experience. In the foundational class you will learn what this is and experience what it means – H+ (hypnosis with positive intention). Hypnosis is a path to personal empowerment – a gift to you and to others. Next class…Conversational Hypnosis Certification Course!! Hope to see you there!!
Debe Arlook
Los Angeles, CA
Steve Roehm teaches with heart and humor. As a successful and sought after hypnotherapist, this is his life’s work – assisting others. It shows in his compassion, gentle manner and great skill of listening. 
As a student of Steve’s, you’ll learn with a smile on your face. He shares deep knowledge, years of experience and respect for this healing modality. Steve teaches simply using explicit examples for all to understand. Thank you, Steve, for your confidence and patiently guiding us to tap into our inner abilities so that we too, may be the best hypnotherapists possible.
Sydney Garrett, CHt
Beverly Hills, CA
I had seen Steve on a professional level and as a result became very interested in hypnosis and the capabilities of the unconscious mind. When Steve told me he was going to get certified to teach hypnosis – I could not wait for class to begin.

Steve’s wealth of knowledge about hypnosis is incredible. I learned so much about not only the process of hypnosis but how to build rapport and setting up good communication with a client. He taught us the many different styles of giving hypnotic suggestions, inducing trance and I was introduced to my new hero Milton Erickson. I am also pursuing a Psychology degree so Erickson is a gold mine on two different levels for me. Steve’s classes never lacked for anything, he kept the flow of energy going for the entire class and time flew by.

Not only am I now a certified hypnotherapist but I can communicate with people I am in contact with more effectively, I am conscious of the energy I project and I am able to draw people in rather than put them off because of poor communication skills. The art of hypnosis can be applied on so many levels and Steve is an incredible teacher with regard to making the process understood. His class truly changed my life on so many levels!!

Thanks Steve!!
Randall Monk
Peoria, IL
Your Conversational Hypnosis Training was awesome!

I love the way you told stories to illustrate points and kept us laughing throughout the training. Of course, it felt great to be in a trance state for a good part of the six days as well.

Steve you have a gift for creating a supportive, nurturing environment, making it easy for participants to receive and retain valuable information in an enjoyable manner.

With loads of gratitude!
Chaim Perl, CH, CLC
Monsey, NY
Hi my name is Chaim from Monsey, NY. I’m a certified life coach, and I initially came to this training to learn some new techniques to help my clients in their journey. But I was surprised to learn at the very beginning of the training that I’m about to learn something beyond technique. 
It’s about real deep connection, and it’s that real deep , passionate connection that Steve demonstrates as a role model to his students and to his training in general. He doesn’t just give a course, he connects. You just kind of live with that energy during the training. I highly recommend this training to anyone wishing to learn something beyond hypnosis and beyond technique.
Dodge Rea, PsyD, 
Clinical Psychologist 
Nashville, TN
The training was really wonderful as a boost to both tools and confidence. I was impressed that even those with no experience coming in grew tremendously over the couple of days. Thank you Steve!
Here are the Details of the
Conversational Hypnotherapy Training Online
Dates and Times
Available immediately upon registration
"Conversational Hypnotherapy Training Online"
I am ready and excited to experience 8 mind-altering nights of fun and exciting hypnosis online, as I master the skills required to become an adept Conversational Hypnotherapist
  • I will be training for 2 incredible weeks with Steve Roehm via Zoom video conferencing.
  • ​I will be attending the "Conversational Hypnotherapy Training".
  • ​I also have a full 100% Money-Back Guarantee until the end of the 2nd meeting/module. If I decide the training is not for me, I can get a full refund, no questions asked. 
  • ​I have the option of testing for certification at the completion of the course.

Join now

Create your Great Life!

P.S. No matter what your skill level is, you will be transformed by this process and leave with the power to help others transform their lives. Many of my student's report profound and meaningful changes occurring days, weeks, months and even years after this training that can be traced back to this one moment in time. Now, is your chance to become one of the best.
We Guarantee You Will Love This Training
We are sure that you are going to love this training, so we are offering you this 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not impressed by the speed at which you are mastering hypnosis, we will give you your money back. Just let us know before the end of the second module and we'll refund your money with no questions asked.
I’m already a professional Hypnotherapist, what will I gain from attending?
Firstly, there is brand new material not previously available. Steve has taught this course almost 30 times, more than anyone else in the world including Igor. Each time he teaches he learns more and applies to real world situations with his clients. You benefit from his learning and experiences.
Secondly, Steve’s training is specifically designed to make people not just good hypnotists but elegant and natural hypnotists. By attending this event, you’ll reach a new level of skill and fluency in hypnosis.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I choose this teacher over other options?
Steve has been practicing hypnosis professionally since 2003 and has helped thousands of people change their life. With thousands of clinical hours and many certifications, Steve teaches from experience and a depth of understanding few hypnotists ever achieve.

Certifications & Studies:
Licensed Trainer of Conversational Hypnotherapy (Ledochowski Protocol) 
Certified Conversational Hypnosis Trainer (International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotherapists)
Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
International Society of Advanced Hypnotherapists
International Alliance of Professional Hypnotists
International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
International Association of Counselors and Therapists(IACT)
The International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotists(IAPCH)
O’Brien & Associates
American Board of Hypnotherapy(ABH)
National Guild of Hypnotists(NGH)
Australian Hypnotherapy Association
Professional Board of Hypnotherapy
British Association of Therapeutical Hypnotists
National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards
Institute for the Advanced Study of Hypnotism
International Hypnosis Research Institute(IHRI)

I don't want to be a professional hypnotist, is this training still for me?
Absolutely, YES. This program is all about making you a Master Hypnotist with the power to quickly create beneficial change for people. You can use this ability in many situations outside of a formal therapeutic setting. For example, with friends and family, in a work situation with colleagues and staff or if you’re in a coaching role of any sort. In addition, you’ll emerge from this program fluent in the skills of “Conversational Hypnosis” and able to be much more persuasive and influential in virtually any situation.

Why should I choose this course over other options?
There is no other hypnosis organization in the world currently teaching this material By attending this event, you will be one of the few people in the world with access to this cutting edge information and you will have a huge advantage over the majority of other hypnotists.

I’m already a professional Hypnotherapist, what will I gain from attending?
Firstly, there is brand new material not previously available. Each time he teaches he learns more and applies to real world situations with his clients. You benefit from his learning and experiences.
Secondly, Steve’s training is specifically designed to make people not just good hypnotists but elegant and natural hypnotists. By attending this event, you’ll reach a new level of skill and fluency in hypnosis.

Is this really new material?
Most definitely. Steve has been teaching hypnotherapists how to be better since 2007. You will still be immersed in the principles and get the newest cutting-edge neuroscience to back it. Much of this material has never been taught by Steve to the general public. You will also learn how to use influence skills to improve your outcomes.

How does the guarantee work?
Quite simply, you can go through the first two modules of the program before deciding if this is the right event for you. In the unlikely event that you are not thrilled and delighted that you decided to attend the “The Conversational Hypnotherapy Training" simply let us know and you will receive a full and courteous refund on the spot. There will be no hard feelings and you’ll leave with my best wishes and thanks for attending. 
Please note: Participation is required to receive a refund. No refunds given after the second module. See our Terms
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